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I finally managed to get an animation to get past the 1 day stage :P
ironically it took me the least amount of time to make, YAY!!

:D Happy Edd is Happy :D

Let this decide

2012-07-03 19:30:19 by eddyaber

I will use this latest submission as a way to see whether or not i need to stick my dick in a watermelon.
If it does then i can tell you my shit will smell like milk and my hands will take on the frightfulness of a dark forest in an autumn storm.

Im new to flash :(

2010-02-14 00:14:33 by eddyaber

Ive recently brought a copy of Flash pro, and after spending a while on it i thought it would be fun to upload one or two of my videos. Unfortnatly though due to the high standard on this site my vids keep getting taken down :( and it sucks monkey balls